Peer Review

Specialty Peer Reviews have become an accepted and necessary practice in medical cost containment and appeal resolution. ProPeer Resources recognizes that there are many software programs available to claims departments that attempt to replicate the medical peer reviews process. While such programs theoretically reduce costs, there is, in reality, no substitute for the expertise a practicing medical peer reviews specialist can offer. Independent medical peer reviews can aid in answering questions concerning:

ProPeer Resources’ independent medical peer reviews program can answer these questions (and more). And we do it with our board of reviewing professionals, within the time frame required to meet your specific needs.

Board Certified Review Process

ProPeer’s medical peer reviews involve a complete panel of BOARD CERTIFIED specialists available to our clients including 200 reviewers in 80 specialties and sub-specialties. Visit our Specialties page to see a complete list of specialties available for review.

ProPeer’s medical peer reviews are compliant with ERISA (Department of Labor) regulations for appeals of adverse determination. Review reports are delivered to our clients in time frames of 24 hours (concurrent care & urgent care), 72 hours (pre service) or well within the 10 days necessary for post service appeals. ProPeer is an accredited medical peer review organization, earning the notable URAC Accreditation as an Independent Review Organization in the initial wave of accreditation in June 2000.

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