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Specialty Bill Review

Doctor or physician using calculator and work on laptop computer with medical stethoscope and digital tablet on the desk at clinic or hospital. Medical healthcare costs ,fees and revenue concept.
Whether you are a revenue cycle manager who has come across incidents that require the review of reimbursements for services provided or a payer looking to maximize savings while minimizing provider challenges, ProPeer’s specialty bill review services provides an objective assessment into cases involving complex medical billing. No matter the issue – in network or out-of-network – ProPeer can assist in resolving payment disputes.

ProPeer offers specialty bill review expertise and resources to evaluate appeals and reviews related to:

  • E/M Coding
  • Level of Care
  • Procedure and Operative based bills and discrepancies
  • Unique inpatient bills and appeals such as DRG
  • Out of network surprise medical bill evaluation
  • Balance billing issues for patients
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics in-depth review
  • RNC/UNC versus billed charges

Specialty Bill Review Expertise.

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