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Peer Review

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ProPeer’s robust clinical review service line offers peer review services that add a layer of objectivity and independence to meet client needs. Our team specializes in solutions that streamline a cumbersome and resources intensive process so our clients can focus on providing the highest quality healthcare to the patients and communities they service.

Independent Peer Review

With access to over 1,100 board certified specialties across the US, ProPeer can provide the independent expertise necessary to determine appropriateness of care, medical necessity, experimental/investigational related reviews. We specialize in ensuring quality reviews that meet the standards of accreditation, regulation, and client need.

Hospital Peer Review

The challenges faced by medical facilities, hospitals, and community health centers are unique and complex. ProPeer has developed a customized suite of services to address quality of care that aids in the prevention unintended outcomes and medical errors.

Quality Assessment & Audit

Ensuring quality of care and compliancy can be extremely cumbersome and time consuming. ProPeer offers customized solutions that fit perfectly into any quality assessment or audit program. Our team of medical experts help solve problems and deliver results.

ProPeer’s peer review services aid in:

  • Elimination of potential conflicts of interest including professional, organizational, and/or personal bias inherent to review programs performed or supported with internal reviewers.
  • Removal of the administrative burden and strain on internal quality assurance/risk management programs by providing efficiency and mitigating the fixed staffing cost of these internal initiatives.
  • Providing access to a broad range of specialties in instances when facilities’ in-house expertise may be limited.
  • Objectively monitoring and measuring the quality of care delivered, allowing for benchmarking which can provide the foundation for staff coaching and training.
  • Providing a systematic and scalable approach ensuring review criteria and results are accurate, reliable which reduces risk by identifying trends and potential issues of clinical staff performance, deficiencies, and errors.
  • Providing timely, standardized reporting as well as ad-hoc reporting capability improving internal evaluation, review efficacy and streamlining any external reporting mandate to demonstrate compliance quality program performance.

The national leader in external peer review

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